Costa Rica Dota Estate, Green Unroasted Coffee Beans, 3 lb

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Coffee from Tarrazu is recognized widely as the most highly prized coffee in Costa Rica, and the “top of the mountain” coffee, in the region of Dota, is really the only true optimal Tarrazu. The Dota Tarrazu region is considered one of the top volcanic soil growing regions in the world. Many vendors label their coffee Tarrazu but it is grown in the valley or nearby region, which imparts a different terroir and produces a softer bean. True Dota Estate-Grown coffee is rated SHB, or Strictly Hard Bean, and cups in the 90’s typically.

Our Dota Terrazu estate-grown coffee is the cream of the crop from three contiguous plots of land at the 6000-foot peak of the mountain. Multiple pickings result in the ripest coffee, and exacting quality standards provide a premium bean. Please note these beans are classified as SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) due to the altitude and density of the bean… sometimes SHB coffee takes longer to roast in low-power machines like corn poppers.

Flavor notes: Strong brown sugar and caramel tones, fruity. The brown sugar note is stronger in a medium roast than in a dark roast. Acidity: Relatively low. Processing: Multiple pickings of ripest beans, raised-tray-dried in the sun 7 days.

Because this farm goes straight from their own mill to the drying bed, these beans are ultra clean, free of fermentation, and are an excellent choice for green-bean extracts, beverages and and white coffee recipes.

We pay our farm almost 2X the going co-op price in the region for the finest beans he can produce. This extra revenue is shared with workers on the farm to improve their living conditions.

Each 3-lb bag contains a FREE 3-oz green unroasted sample of another fine coffee for you to try!

  • True Dota Estate Tarrazu grown at 6000-ft altitude in volcanic soil
  • Safe & Sustainable agriculture, very low environmental impact processing
  • Multiple pickings of ripe beans only
  • Semi-washed, immediately set in covered trays for sun drying
  • Direct trade, charitable producer
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