Green Coffee Powder organic, 100% pure and natural (finely ground, 500 grams)

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This organic green coffee is unroasted, ground very finely and comes from controlled organic cultivation in accordance with EU regulation (EG No. 834/2007 and USDA). It was ground in a special process, under a mild and cold treatment. Our special grinding process helps to preserve the valuable ingredients of the green coffee. We work with no additives and thus can guarantee a 100% natural product. Green coffee contains by nature, among others, the following substances, which have a very positive effect on the body and the well-being: – chlorogenic acid (lowers the blood sugar and blood lipid levels and acts also as an antioxidant) – amino acids and lipids (act also as an antioxidant, preserving the cells). Our green coffee is mainly used to prepare the green coffee drink, which is used to support diets. It is also perfect as an ingredient for Green Smoothies. Taste profile: The taste of the pure green coffee drink reminds the taste of a mixture of green and black tea. It smells slightly like grass, hay or bit like fresh peas. Since the typical coffee taste and smell, which we know, develop only during the roasting process, the taste and smell of the green coffee is not comparable with the one of the roasted coffee.

  • 100% Organic Green Coffee (USDA)
  • Pure & natural without any additives
  • Very finely grounded (special cold process)
  • Highest quality from our own production – Made in Germany – Laboratory tested quality
  • Perfect for Green Smoothies and Muesli
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